Workplace Discrimination Claims

San Diego Workers’ Compensation Discrimination Lawyer

Discrimination is Illegal!

It is illegal for employers to discriminate against employees who file workers’ compensation claims. Unfortunately, the fact that it is against the law, does not stop all employers from doing the wrong thing.

If your employer wrongfully terminated or took other retaliatory actions against you, call us TODAY!

Hire Us To Protect You

A workers’ compensation discrimination attorney must be prepared to do extensive investigation to prove a claim. This is a substantial amount of work, which is why many attorneys do not handles these cases. The Law Office of John A. Don takes on these challenging cases!

John A. Don is a Board-Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist with more than 30 years of experience as an attorney. Known by his friends as Jack, he has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to successfully investigate and navigate through these complex cases.